Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request on which team my child plays?

Yes, you will be able to request which team you would like your child to be assigned to and we will do our very best to accommodate this request. Registration for SI Soccer Club is based on birth-year and teams are created based on the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) birth-year registration mandate first, followed by any requests. The USSF mandate is followed by all teams in the RCYSL. 

Please note that a coach can not guarantee that a player plays on his/her team. Once a child has been placed on a team, they can not be switched, except for extenuating circumstances. Although we do try and fulfill each request, we can not always do so.

What is the process for filling teams?

The club follows the USSF birth-year age registration mandate as best as possible. Since we are a small club some teams may have both birth-years in an age group on the same team. The club registrar has to ensure that each team has a licensed coach and the team meets the league minimum (not exceeding the league maximum) number of players.

In general, those players who have played on a team the previous year, and are still within the appropriate age range, will be placed on that roster first.* Then, players moving up from a lower age group will be placed on the team. Lastly, if there is still room, players who have played for the club in previous years and then brand new players, will be placed on the team.

*If a player is registered after the registration dealine, we cannot guarantee they will be placed on their team of choice. Late registration will only be accepted on a space available and the player will be placed on the age appropriate team that has an avaliable roster spot. 

When will I know for which team my child will be playing?

Your volunteer coach will be contacting you via phone or email early to mid-August.

When do practices start?

Practices can begin no earlier that August 1st, although some teams do not begin practices until mid to late August. Your volunteer coach will be providing you with the practice schedule for their team.

When does the season start?

U8- U19 teams:
Seeding Tournament is usually the last weekend in August.
Games are every Saturday, usually beginning on the second weekend in September

U6 teams:
U6 teams do not play in Seeding Tournament.
U6 games are every Friday evening at 5:00pm, usually beginning the second weekend in September

What equipment will my child need to play soccer?

Every child needs to have soccer cleats, shin guards, and a ball at every practice.

For U6 and U8 players a size 3 soccer ball is needed. For U10 and U12 a size 4 is needed and for U14 and up a size 5 is required.

What are the rules and guidelines for Under 6 teams?

Starting in the 2016 recreational soccer season, SI's U6 teams play Micro Soccer. U6 are primarily learning about team participation, sportsmanship, the very basic fundamentals of the game. The most important thing at this level is that the players have fun and learn a love for the game!!  Our U6 teams will play other St. Ignatius Club teams, Sierra Oaks and Rosemont on Friday evenings at 5 pm.

In RCYSL, all players are to play at least half the match. For Micro Soccer there should be 3 players on the field for each team. There are NO goalkeepers in U6 and no score is kept.  Also, if one team is short players, the other team may consider reducing their numbers on the field accordingly. All teams use the same 4x6 goals and play on a small field.

Only licensed coaches may enter the field, and/or coach from the sidelines. Coaches and parents may not stand at the end of the fields near the goals.

Parents, please help your coaches by making sure your child has had a healthy snack before the game and arrive, in full uniform, at the field 15-20 minutes before the game begins. Let the coaches coach and encourage your child, when they are not on the field playing, to sit with their team. Parents, lots of praise is most encouraged at this level. U6 soccer=FUN!!

Referees are encouraged to demonstrate/teach the players where to take a throw in, kick off, etc…