Good of the Game

It is important to remember the primary goal of our league: “The goal of RCYSL is youth playing soccer. This goal is to be realized by setting an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and friendly competition in which learning and playing soccer take place under safe conditions. Anyone or anything which distracts from this atmosphere must be discouraged and will not be tolerated.”

It seems simple, but sometimes in the heat of the game, coaches, players and parents may forget…

• The game is for the enjoyment of all, most importantly, the children.

• All participants must be treated with respect, regardless of personal feelings and opinions. If you have an issue, please file a RCYSL Match Report Form. Action other than this may result in disciplinary action taken against you.

• All participants are learning, even referees. The referees do not expect world-class play or coaching; please don’t expect perfection from them. Yelling at or harassing referees will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If you experience a problem with a referee, file a RCYSL Match Report Form. 

Remember coaches, players, and parents must receive permission from the referee to enter the soccer field. To do so without permission from the referee is a direct violation of the rules of soccer and will be dealt with accordingly. Inform your parents.

Teams should occupy opposite sides of the field. When this is not possible, each team including parents must stay on their side of the halfway line. The coaches and players should stay in the technical area one (1) yard behind the touchline and within ten (10) yards one way of the halfway line.

• The referee is not required to enter into discussions with anyone regarding the reasoning behind their calls. The referee needs only to indicate the direction of the free kick and signal if indirect kick. So do not get angry if he/she chooses not to discuss the call with you.

While at the game, we are all being observed by friends, acquaintances and our children. Please act in a manner that reflects well on our club, our League and yourself.