Age Groups & Small Sided Play

Age Groups & Registration  

Age groups. Soccer age groups will be determined by a player’s year of birth. A summary of age groups for 2018 is included on the Registration Page.   

Small Sided Play 

Roster Sizes. The number of players on a team and on the field may be changing; depending on the age group you are in.  The following is the list of age groups and their corresponding minimum-maximum sizes.  NOTE: the age group is in bold and the first number after the age group represents the maximum number of players on the field during a game. 

U6: 3V3,8   U8:4v4,8   U10: 7v7,12

U12: 9v9,14   U14:11v11,18   U16 & Up: 11v11,22 

Gameplay. There will be no goalkeepers in age groups U6 and U8.

Field Size. Due to reduced number of players on each team and on the field (U6, U8, U10, and U12), field and goals sizes are smaller than they have been historically. Each club will do what is reasonable to have fields be consistent in size from site to site.